Pictures from renovation and rebuilding.

Austin Cooper -68
Engine: 1310cc, LCB maniflow, Mega squirtinjection, rallycamshaft,
Interior modification: Rallyseats, 4-p seatbelts, homemade dashboard, and rool cage.
Exterior modification: Flipfront in glassfiber and Fibreglass Wheel Arches.

Started to remove the paint.

Test of the seat.

Buildning a new beam.

Cutting away bad metal.

Started fixing the rust.

Fixing the rust in the rear.

Seat 6cm lower.

Cage improoved with an extra mounting.


Rear subframe painted the first time.

Rear subframe.

Hole for weberbox.



Used 800 lb of sand.

Not much paint left.

Body ready to spray with primer.


Christmas present?

Masked ready to spray with body.

Sound- and rust protected.

Rear subframe ready.

The roof improoved with extra beams.

Test of the front subframe.

New corner.

Testing of wheels and arches.

Adjustable Suspension.

The gearbox.

New cylinder heads.

Drilling of extra cylinder head bolt.

Started puting together the engine.

Flipfront in glassfiber.

Assemble continue.

New axel for the hinge.

Slave and main clutch cylinder

Adjusteble hinge.

Improvment of the flipfront.

Adjusting of the camshaft.

Engine and gearbox reunited .

Newly painted.

Engine ready.

Engine ready.

Ready for filler.

Spraying filler.

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